Guidance and Mediumship Readings

Phone and Skype readings Monday-Friday, 10-4:30
No Evening Appointments

Readings are 45.00 per half hour
Please email: for an appointment
NO readings without an appointment.

I do not use Venmo or Zelle
However I will take your charge card info while we speak
and send a receipt right after the reading.

I am a practicing Buddhist
Tibetan Buddhists have the tradition of oracles (kuten, which literally means medium). During readings,
mediums give advice and have the ability to speak to the other side.
Many Buddhists  use this guidance to make decisions  at every level of society.
The oracle is held in high esteem as the following quote from the Dalai Lama shows:

"For hundreds of years now, it has been traditional for the Dalai Lama, and the Government, to consult
Nechung during the New Year festivals. In addition, he might well be called upon at other times if either have
specific queries. I myself have dealings with him several times a year. This may sound far-fetched to twentieth
century western readers, but I do so for the simple reason that as I look back over the many occasions when I
have asked questions of the oracle, on each one of them time has proved that his answer was correct.
Surprising as it may seem, the oracle’s replies to questions are rarely vague.
As in the case of my escape from Lhasa, he is often very specific".
(Dalai Lama, 2002)

I began working as a psychic/medium in 1975.
I try to help people through their problems using Tarot or Angel cards.

I also take an honest approach which means I will never lie to you.

I will try to help with compassion and common sense!
I work in areas of relationship, business, or any other problem you are facing.
I counsel individuals and couples through relationship obstacles,
finding loving resolution to conflicts when possible.

I use Angel and Tarot cards for readings and communicate with my spirit guides and yours.
Although we must say that Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only,
I do not "perform" at Fortune Telling parties.
I do consider my work spiritual in nature, not entertainment.
If you are looking for a party reader, please recheck the web.
I have worked as a psychic/medium  for 50 years and help people through problems compassionately.
I received the Medicine Buddha and Amitabha Permission Inititations from the Dalai Lama in 2009.
As a medium I am blessed with the ability to connect to friends
and relatives who have crossed to the other side.
This is not the same as a card reading.
I have helped many find the closure they so desperately need
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Due to the Covid 19 Outbreak Guidance and Mediumship readings are done over the phone or through Skype.
This is a necessary precaution to keep everyone safe until the virus subsides.