What To Expect From Your Reiki Session
The World Wide Web has provided us with tons of information, and misinformation on what Reiki is and what it does.

Yes, it is very relaxing. But so is taking a nap!

I teach my students that Reiki, in essence is electromagnetic energy.
Sort of takes the magical mystery out of it, doesn't it?
But, it seems that is what it is.
Experiments conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a researcher and professor out of the University of Arizona in Tucson,
are leaning toward electromagnetic energy being "the" energy we like to call "prana", "chi" or as in Reiki, "ki".
As exotic as these terms are, my understanding is that what we are channeling into a client is electromagnetic energy.


Well, this energy is all around us. More enlightened beings have a very thick build up of it..haloes!

Auras are also electromagnetic energy, but we won't get into auras right now!

Electromagnetic energy appears to aid in healing.
However, it can be difficult for this healing energy to get into the "meat suit" we call a body.
That's where a Reiki Therapist comes in.

We Reiki Therapists are hollow bamboos. We channel the energy through our hands into the client.
When you make an appointment we will do an intake and ask questions to see if there are
areas you would like me to focus on.

Then, fully clothed except for shoes, you will lie down on a massage table and we will use essential
oils, to aid in relaxation and healing.

Using hand placements and focusing along energy centers and channels in the body,
the energy will flow and work on areas that are depleted of this vital force.
Some clients sense either warmth or tingling or waves as the energy passes through the system.
Some just fall asleep!
Sometimes one session is enough to balance the system so that your healing energy is working the way it should and that's that.
Obviously, in the case of more severe illness, more sessions may be required.
However, we leave that to the client. Some folks come back for what they call "tune-ups". Reiki can't hurt, so you can have it as often as you like.
Reiki is a "complimentary" therapy, meant to enhance and to be used WITH traditional western medicine.

And if you have that, you have it all!
So, if you'd like a session, please click on the"contact" link below and send an email.

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The obligatory "disclaimer".
I do not guarantee that Reiki will heal you.
Clearly there are many factors to consider where treatment for sickness is concerned.
My position is that a person should do all they can to strive for optimum wellness.
So, see your doctor and take your medicine.