Whether you believe in Heaven, Nirvana, Angels, Guides or Reincarnation, contacting people you care about can also
you realize that life on this Earth plane is not all there is!
I never use the term "dead", as there is no such thing.
The essence of who we are lives and loves on, caring for us as they did when they were in our immediate presence.
They've just moved away!

For many years as a psychic medium I have been fortunate to have helped many receive communications
from loved ones on the other side.
The happiness and closure my clients have received through validating information has been perhaps the most
satisfying part of my life.  Working as a professional psychic for almost 40 years I studied intensely to develop the ability
to speak to and listen to people who have gone before.

The difference between a "psychic reading" and "mediumship" is that in a psychic reading I use Angel or Tarot cards to
receive messages from my Spirit Guides regarding issues in my client's lives.  
This can be done without hours of preparation as my guides are always around to help me help you!

In the case of Mediumship however, I use meditation before each session and call upon loved ones on the other side
because someone has contacted me for a session.
Other people's loved ones aren't always around me, so it's a bit more involved to establish a connection.

I do sometimes have a person who begins visiting and giving me messages a day or so before the client comes to see
It's almost as though they have just been waiting for the opportunity and can't wait to say hello.
I have my clients bring a photo of the person they want to reach because it makes me feel as though I'm speaking to the
person face to face.
I do not as a rule use personal items or jewelry.

A session is 45 minutes to an hour and they seem to know that!
They begin to "sign off" when they say what they want to say.
Please send me an email to schedule an appointment.

Remember to have a photo of the person you wish to contact.
Sorry, I do not conduct mediumship sessions by
phone or Skype.

A session is $100.00 and you may pay securely
through PayPal.
I hope to see you soon.
I do need to mention that your loved one will not communicate with you through a medium forever.

Some mediums will get to know you and your loved one
and will then schedule session after session for a very long period of time. Because they have so
much information from previous sessions, after a time they may be leading you on.

I will tell you the truth, and when your loved one has communicated what they feel is neccessary
and are done, I will tell you. Our loved ones enjoy taking the opportunity to check in, to let us know
they've made it, to tell us they love and hear us, to clear up misunderstandings, and sometimes to
apologize for relationship issues they feel responsible for.
You may feel them around you your entire life,
because they love you, but they will stop communicating through mediumship.  Even though this
may make you sad,
after a few sessions they need to progress with their Spiritual Journey and want you to continue
with your life journey until you are re-connected, here or there!
What Is Mediumship?