Pre-requisites: Usui Reiki One and Two Certificates
The Master/Teacher course is the final practitioner training level in the
Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.

I teach Masters privately or with a discount if taken with one friend.

You will receive the Usui Reiki Master Attunement which not only opens all
your energy centers to a higher degree, you will also receive and learn to use
the Reiki Master Symbols.

I take students on a case by case basis.
You may be ready in a little as a week or may feel ready later on.
Some students wait 6 months because they want practitioner experience
before they to teach.
You will learn to pass attunements to others and will receive guidance and tips
on how to teach a student or a class.

Upon completion, you are also bestowed with
your Reiki Master certificate and your Usui Reiki Master lineage.

A Reiki lineage is a list of Reiki Masters starting with the person that taught
you Reiki and then going back, teacher by teacher,
to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

I am in direct lineage to Dr. Usui, and as a Master you will be too!
You don't HAVE to teach Reiki when you become a Reiki Master,
and even if you only want to teach family and friends
won't it be great to empower them to heal themselves and others?
And, once you do teach someone you may decide to teach formal classes!

When you pay your tuition I will email all Master materials to you so that you
may practice before our class.
For that reason, Master Class is only about 4 hours!

If you decide to take my Master Class virtually
We will meet through Skype and your Certification and Lineage will be mailed.

Tuition is 350.00 and payable at least two weeks in advance.
Please write if you are taking with a friend to receive a 50.00 discount!
I accept payment through PayPal

Please contact me first
and when we have a date and time you can pay your tuition.
The connection between Reiki Master and student is important.
I have had students email me who have learned Reiki One and Two  from other Reiki Teachers.

They begin to argue with me about the amount of time I take to teach my classes and that it must not be as good as week
long classes with teachers who charge at least three times as much.

All I can say is that I've been teaching this way for over 20 years and my students seem to enjoy it.
I reserve the right to accept or decline students, just as the student has had the right to request me as a teacher.

Sometimes it just doesn't work. That's fine

By the way, I am an occasional smoker and if that offends you, I may not be the right teacher for you...for many reasons
I also have a small dog who doesn't shed. But if you have allergies it could affect you.
I keep her in another room while I teach..
Virtual and Distanced In-Person
Usui Reiki Master Classes

Jenny Wright, Reiki Master Teacher