Gift Certificates
Give The Gift Of Health And Relaxation

Reiki works in a very similar way as acupressure, in that it
brings the body into balance by removing blocked ‘chi’ or
but without the use of needles.
It is non-invasive and there are no side effects.
Reiki induces a natural state of relaxation.

Purchase a gift certificate for a full hour of Energy Healing,
Chakra Balancing, Crystal and Aromatherapy for only 60.00.

Maybe your loved one would like to study Reiki.
You can pay their Tuition and provide the gift that will give
health and relaxation to others forever!

(For information on Reiki, please click the links at the
Give The Gift Of Guidance

Do you have someone who could use a little help?

Purchase a 1/2 hour reading gift certificate for only $45.00
or a full hour of cards $90.00.
One Hour of Mediumship $100.00

These are full readings with Spiritual Guidance on any matter.
The reading may be conducted in person, if the recipient is near San Diego,
or by SKYPE, phone or email anywhere.

(For more information on readings please click the link at the bottom)
Choose the service you'd like to gift
(Go to the "Home" page for the list of all services)
then contact me at
with the name of the recipient
his or her mailing address (if you'd like it mailed at no charge!)
And I'll tell you how to proceed with payment.
Important! Due to the Corona Virus, In person Sessions are suspended. I conduct Distance Reiki Sessions and Readings through Skype. If you have a certificate now and want to
redeem, please consider a Skype session. Skype ID: