Reiki For Kids
During these classes children learn how to connect with Universal Healing Energy.
Children are sensitive to this energy.
They will be able to use it to help to relax and to relieve stress in themselves and others.
Children feel they have the power to help themselves and others which is very empowering.

After class they will be Reiki One Practitioners.

*They will learn to sense energy in others and themselves
*They will learn to do a self treatment.
*They will learn how to do a session on others and will practice on each other in class.
*They will learn how to treat animals and plants.
*They will learn how to clear energy in their homes
*They will receive colorful handouts and will learn the first Reiki Symbol by drawing it.
*They will receive a Reiki Level One Attunement and a Certificate.
About the Teacher:
Olivia is a Reiki Practitioner who learned Reiki at age 9, so she knows how to relate to young people and
effective ways to teach Reiki to them.
She has taught Reiki For Kids for 5 years.
She also holds Reiki sessions for children and adults in San Diego.
Space is limited
Register for the Winter class asap as it will be a very popular class and is
limited to 5 students. Ages 6-12
Dates: New Class Forming
Times: 12:00-3:00 pm
Cost: $50
Click on "Contact" to register