I grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico and relocated to San Diego, California.

It's been said that I have never met a stranger, and I like that. Once you speak to me, you know me!

From an early age I was a remote viewer and also  seemed to "know" things before they happened.
At 5 I told my mom that I remembered seeing my grandmother in her casket during her wake.
(Back then, wakes were sometimes held at home.)
I told her where everyone was seated and how grandma had a black rosary in her hands.
Thing is, I wasn't there.
To shield "the children" from the sadness, they had taken us to a sitter.  My mom couldn't figure out how I knew.
Neither could I as she kept trying to explain that it was impossible and that I "made it up". (Psychic children get that alot!)

In 1975 I learned to read Tarot cards, first for family and friends, but soon professionally.
I have spent the past 45 plus years trying to help people through life's problems.
I work by email and appointment by phone,  and  in person in the San Diego, California area.

As a psychic Medium, I communicate with people on the other side.
I have never had the fear of death that many do, either of my own or in relation to others.
It has always made sense to me that people don't "die" they just move on to another plane of existence.

Several years ago I discovered Reiki and it became a passion. I teach the modality and am also
a practitioner. I've studied several other healing systems and incorporate them in my work,
including Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Jin Shin Jutsu, and Reflexology.
I  see clients through Skype and in my healing space.

I received the Medicine Buddha Initiation from the Dalai Lama in 2009.

I am a practicing Buddhist
I believe that God has many faces, all of them viable, all equally just.
We ALL have an equal chance of reaching enlightenment.
I am a pacifist.

The Dalai Lama of Tibet is my personal hero.

Please click the links and explore the site, and if you need my help, please contact me.
Sending you Love, Light and Laughter