Become a Reiki Practitioner In One Day

Since Reiki is Divine energy based on your intention to help others heal, there is not a great amount of book learning and anyone,
including children can learn it easily and use it effectively after the first class!

If you like, you can spend several months reading books on the origins or the modality,
Dr. Usui's background and techniques that have sprung up initially based on the basic
Reiki teachings, but the actual "training" is based on intent and practice, not the amount of time spent reading.

Dr. Mikao Usui only taught 3 levels of Reiki.
Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Three, also known as Master/Teacher
There are no other known levels in traditional Reiki.

I am an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, in direct lineage to,
and in the  tradition of it's developer, Dr. Mikao Usui
I also received the
Medicine Buddha Initiation from the Dalai Lama in 2009.

I have taught a blended Reiki One and Two Intensive class successfully  in one day for 20 years.

Do not believe the stories of negative effects from the intensive classes, or the so called "de-tox" .
My students enjoy the swiftness of getting on with the work.
And, many students have gone on to become Master/Teachers!

Why wait when you can begin helping others immediately?

Once your Reiki One and Two class is completed you ARE a Reiki Practitioner!
You will also receive detailed information on beginning your own Reiki business, if you choose.
You can practice Reiki anywhere in the world.

And in addition to working as a Reiki practitioner, you can also become a Reiki Master/Teacher
Then you can pass the knowledge to many others and help the modality spread.
My Intensive Reiki 1 and 2 classes blend the following. However, if you wish to take it in a private two day session, here is the format:
Group Classes are taught the third Saturday of each month, 12 to 5

Due to the fact that I prepare learning materials for each student and can not schedule other students or
even clients on the same day of a scheduled Reiki class, all cancellations within 4 days of class time are
subject to a $50.00 fee.
This is an unfortunate, but necessary rule.

Lately I have received several requests for in-person visits to see if you want me to be your teacher.
While understandable, this takes away from my time with clients.
If you need to know me before signing up for class, may I suggest booking a Reiki session and we can
discuss further?
REIKI 1  Class
The history of Usui Reiki and  it's founder
Practice drawing the Reiki One Symbol
How to use the Reiki One symbol to access the energy flow
Charging items with Reiki
Reiki hand positions for complete body treatments on others
Self healing hand positions
How music can help your treatment
Basic uses of Healing Stones as an aid in amplifying Reiki energy
Becoming sensitive to clients' energy during sessions
Group healing
Class time giving and receiving Reiki

Spiritual Attunement and Reiki One Certificate
REIKI 2  Class
Recap of Reiki One for students who may not have studied with me.
Learn to use Reiki 2 symbols to help to heal
emotional, psychological and past life issues.
Learning how Reiki may help with Mental Health issues
You will learn how to speak to clients
about issues so that they are empowered to aid in their own healing
Using essential oils to help not only relax but revitalize clients,
before, during and after the session.
Learn how to send Reiki energy at a distance.
How to start your OWN Reiki Business

Spiritual Attunement and Reiki Two Certificate
Usui Reiki Classes  
San Diego, California
Reiki 3 or Master/Teacher Class

Pre-requisites: Usui Reiki One and Two Certificates
You MUST have practiced for at least 6 months as a practitioner

Master/Teacher course is the final practitioner training level in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.
You will receive the Usui Reiki Master Attunement which not only opens all your energy centers to a higher degree,
but you will also receive and learn to use the Reiki Master Symbol.

You will learn to pass attunements to others and will receive guidance and tips on how to teach a student or a class.
Upon completion, you are also bestowed with not only your certificate but also your copy of your
Usui Reiki Master lineage.

A Reiki lineage is a list of Reiki Masters (teachers) starting with the person that taught you Reiki
and then going back, teacher by teacher, to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

I am in direct lineage to Dr. Usui, and as a Master you will be too!
Cost: 300.00

The connection between Reiki Master and student is important.
I reserve the right to accept or decline students, just as the student has had the right to request me as a teacher.
Sometimes it just doesn't work. That's fine.
Private Students
$130.00 per level if taken on two separate days,
$225.00  if both Reiki One And Two Are Taken On The Same Day
Group Classes
Levels One And Two Blended One Day Intensive, $175.00
(Take it with a friend during a weekday and get the Group discount!)

All classes are pre-paid with tuition due at least two weeks before class to hold the date
Private classes taught Tuesday through Friday between 12 and 5
Pay your tuition securely, here, through PayPal after contacting me with your intention to takc the class at:
Suggested Books
Not required but we will discuss these in class

Essential Reiki
Diane Stein

Reiki For Dummies
(Preferred Reading)
Nina L. Paul

The Magick Of Reiki
Christopher Penczak

The Energy Healing Experiments
Gary Schwartz
Reiki For Children Class now forming
Please click the link below for information.